new year ritual

LAW OF RELEASE (to be written in longhand; not on a computer)

Make one copy by hand (burn it and don’t record it)

In the name of I am that I am, I release this to the universe to be transmuted by the violet fire of mercy and forgiveness in perfect alignment to the Divine Plan. It is no longer mine infinitely.  Almighty I am.

Make a list of the things you want to be released.  Be as specific as possible.

(If not specific, release any thoughts, feelings or actions that keep the Divine Plan from coming forth.)

Say the whole thing out loud and burn it. This releases unwanted blocks and transmutes energetic patterns.


Make two copies, keep one and burn one copy.  Keep the copy until what you desire manifests.

In the name of I am that I am, I release this to the universe to be fulfilled and sustained and maintained in perfect alignment to the Divine Plan.  Let this be manifest immediately Almighty I am.

(Make a list of what you want to manifest.)

Under the list write three times.

Let this be manifest now, Almighty I am.

Never use  the words  “I  am”  unless  it’s in conjunction with something positive.

You can only pray for someone if you have their permission.


Beloved Mighty I AM, presence that I AM, I call forth the assistance of    _________                      (Fill in the name of who you want to call on i.e. Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Spirit, Buddha, God, Source… etc.)


In the name of I AM that I Am beloved mighty I Am presence God that I Am, come forth and bring perfection to ____   (Fill in whatever you want to bring perfection to.)

Three things create the world: THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and ACTIONS. When they are aligned there is integrity and manifestation.