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Source: song: It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

Bob Dylan’s quote “he not busy being born is busy dying” is a reflection on the idea that life is about growth and change. The quote suggests that those who are not actively engaged in personal growth and development are essentially wasting their time and are slowly dying inside, or becoming stagnant.

In other words, if you are not constantly learning, growing, evolving, embracing new ideas, perspectives and experiences and challenging yourself to be better versions of yourself, you are not fully living. To Dylan, a life worth living is one where we are always seeking new experiences, learning from our mistakes and striving to be our best selves. In this way, the quote can be seen as a call to action, encouraging us to make the most of our time on earth by staying curious, open and engaged in the world around us. If someone is not actively seeking new experiences or learning new things, then they are simply wasting away and not fully living their life.

So, how about you?

Questions for self-refection:

How can you make the world (humanity, flora, fauna…) a little bit better today because of your presence upon it? Will you?

Can you do something today that makes you happy, revitalizes you, fills you up with joy, helps you fall in love with life? Will you? How so?

Would you consider engaging in one or more of these personal growth challenges today:

Do something you hate to do.

Do something you don’t like to do.

Do something you never have time to do.

Do something that’s not like you. (If you’re unsure or unclear about what this might mean, ask your spouse/partner or a close friend – they’ll tell you in a heartbeat.)

When you experience a painful, unpleasant or challenging situation, can you focus on the “good” around it? Can you see the gift this challenge is offering you?

Can you do something for another today?

Can you surround yourself with peace and happiness while you’re feeling “pain?”

When you’re facing a setback, can you ask, “Why is this happening FOR me?”

Rather than resist the fight to challenge (a person, event, circumstance…), can you ask yourself, “How can I be more flexible, adaptable, and see this as an opportunity for personal growth?” Yes/No? How so?

Can you view every person, place, object, event, circumstance, and experience in your life, as your “teacher?” Can you be curious about the learnings/lessons (about you) life is giving you? Yes or no? How so?

Are you suppressing or repressing your creative juices or instincts? Are you fearful of allowing your “creative side” to show? How so? What excuses (they’re never reasons) do you make for squashing the creative side of yourself? When did you first learn to suppress your creative side? What one creative act can you engage in today? Will you?

Are you currently engaged or involved in growth and learning opportunities in your work? How so? If not, how can you make it happen?

How willing are you to explore new/different perspectives about one belief that you hold as sacrosanct?

Do you ever feel you are wasting your time “down here?” What’s that like?

What have you learned about yourself from a recent mistake you made? Are you open to learning from your mistakes? How so?

Do you think you’re making the most of your time “down here?” Why, or why not? How so?

How able are you to embrace the “suck” in your life? Do you ever meditate on the “suck” in your life?

Looking on the past day, week, month year, years, are you busy being born or busy dying? How so?

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